Today’s animal farming practices are unsustainable, and meeting the growing world demand for protein is a major challenge of our society. The start-up TwentyGreen® produces a next-generation probiotic feed supplement for sustainable animal farming, exerting up to 10x better protection than traditional supplements. Our product is based on research in intestinal health at EPFL in Switzerland where we have identified a naturally occurring group of micro-organisms – keystone species / gatekeepers – that enhance the quality of the gut ‘microbiota’, a consortium of symbiotic organisms colonizing the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract that are essential for metabolizing food and activating natural immune defenses. In so doing, our feed supplement achieves three major goals of the animal farming industry at the same time:

  1. Animals grow faster with the same amount of feed – thus reducing feed cost
  2. Animals are healthier, requiring fewer antibiotic interventions – thus easing disease burden and antibiotic effluence
  3. Animals create less waste and pollution – thus reducing the ecological impact of animal farming

TwentyGreen® is the first to achieve scaleable enrichment of gatekeeper archaea species and have successfully tested this next-generation probiotic feed supplement in mice and fish achieving up to 15% better growth rates and reducing parasitic burden by 25%. A patent has been granted. Based on successful field trials, initial interviews with animal farmers, feed suppliers and large retailers, TwentyGreen®’s aim is to gain a 10% share of the world animal feed probiotic market, which is worth over $4 billion per year and growing rapidly. Due to the important regulatory obligations involving human food and animal feed, commercialization of our feed supplement necessitates extensive R&D actions in collaboration with highly competent research partners such as EPFL, University of Bern, HES-SO and Agroscope.