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TwentyGreen® produces a triple active probiotic that addresses the three major problems of intensive animal farming. The new probiotic innovated at the EPFL, Switzerland, results in better digestion and responses to plant based feeds, better feed conversion ratio (hence reduced costs), less disease and less pollution. The bioactive supplement that is mixed into animal feed improves the composition and function of symbiotic organisms that colonize the GI tract. By incorporating TwentyGreen® probiotic into feeds, animal farmers will experience important economic benefits that include:

  1. Up to 15% reduced feed volume
  2. Better responses to cost-effective sustainable plant-based feeds
  3. Up to 25% less losses from parasites
  4. Less treatment costs for disease and pollution

By choosing the natural probiotic farmers will also be better prepared to satisfy new regulatory standards in  agriculture in future. Additional, to direct economic benefits to farmers, TwentyGreen® probiotic naturally improves the well-being and quality of farmed animals and thus the end-consumers in supermarkets and in gastronomy benefit from a more premium and ethical product.